Test and quantify human vulnerability safely and proactively by sending benign phishing attacks to your team. Track their actions via advanced reporting tools and ensure security awareness training.

Prevent Business Email Compromise with Continuous Phishing Simulations

Simulating a BEC (Business Email Compromise) attack with benign phishing emails is the best way to detect the weakest links within your organization.

Wide Range of Sophisticated Attack Scenarios

Test your user awareness against phishing attacks using 1000+ phishing email templates, landing pages, forms, and macro files in multiple languages. New templates every day!

Integrate with Your Learning Management System

Integrate our Phishing Simulator output with your existing learning management system to automate sending training to employees based on how they react to simulated phishing campaigns.

Fully Customizable

Create custom emails, landing pages and phishing scenarios that reflect your company culture within minutes.

Drag & Drop Builder

Create and edit emails or landing page templates with our easy-to-use drag and drop builder. Use merge tags as variables for personalized results.

Detailed Reports and User KPIs

Track improvement on user behavior with in-depth user KPIs and comprehensive reporting tools.

Simulate A Phishing Attack On Multiple Accounts With One Click

Start simulated phishing campaigns on thousands of users from different accounts and customer companies for comprehensive security testing.

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