Cloud and On-Premise Options

Choose where you want to deploy our solutions!

PennAware’s flexible modules can be installed on any cloud provider or internal network. All activity is handled within your network infrastructure or a hybrid model lets you use some modules (i.e. Incident Responder) on-premise while accessing the rest on the Cloud.

Cloud Hosting

We host our system on Amazon AWS that is auto-scalable, reliable, fast, and secure! It’s a breeze to install the entire solution to Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and many other popular cloud providers thanks to our dockerized technology.

Private Cloud Hosting

Have our solution in your private cloud to retain control over your —or your customers’— data. For example, we use a private cloud deployed in a geographical region where local customers access our solutions in accordance with their local regulations and data protection policies.

On-Premise Version

If you prefer to install all of our products in your local network due to privacy and legal compliance concerns, it takes just a few minutes to install and launch the entire solution set without Cloud dependencies in your network.

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