Our fully API-driven platform gives you an ability to call any function in our system in order to generate custom reports, integrate with 3rd party solutions to increase efficiency and automate processes.


Your data is under your control thanks to our API capabilities; virtualise your data to create your own dashboards or integrate with any solution to expand your benefits!

Automation with SOAR

Our module-specific APIs help you to automate threat analysis and incident response processes. Find, analyze and respond to threats in seconds with a fully automated system!

Integration with SIEM

In order to achieve visibility, handle audits and have accountability it’s essential to transfer data logs to your SIEM solution. In addition to compliance readiness, our APIs help you to collect logs, correlate them to detect suspicious activities, and mitigate risk before a breach occurs.

User Provisioning

The difficulties and delays associated with manually managing user accounts are eliminated by automated provisioning. Any Identity Management integration makes these processes fully-automated!

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